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Yale New Haven Health to Access Connecticut Prescription Monitoring and Reporting System (CPMRS) Within Electronic Health Records via Appriss Health’s NarxCare Solution

Appriss Health’s NarxCare Solution Enables Integration of Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Information, Analytics and Resources Into Electronic Health Records to Help Identify, Prevent and Manage Substance Use Disorder



Appriss Health Integrates Indiana INSPECT Program into Electronic Health Records and Pharmacy Management Systems Within Clinical Workflow at Point-of-Care for Every Patient Encounter

Appriss Health’s PMP Gateway Solution Integrates INSPECT Information in Real-time Directly into EHRs and Pharmacy Management Systems to Serve as a Critical Clinical Decision Support Tool for All Indiana Prescribers and Dispensers in Workflow...



Deaconess Health System to Access State of Indiana’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (INSPECT) Within Electronic Health Records in Workflow via Appriss Health

Appriss Health’s PMP Gateway Solution to Enable Integration of PDMP Information Into Electronic Health Records to Help Identify, Prevent and Manage Substance Use Disorder



Attorney General Laxalt Announces Nevada as First State to Launch Enhanced Victim Notification Network

Today, Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt proudly announced that Nevada will be the first state in the country to launch the most enhanced version of Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE).



Appriss Safety-Sponsored Award Honors Idaho Sheriff’s Office for 2017

The National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) has named Idaho’s Canyon County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) the 2017 recipient of their Crime Victim Services Award.



Appriss Health and Federal Health Architecture Win 2017 FedHealthIT Innovation Award

Co-Developed “CONNECT Empowering Opioid Exchange” Project Enables Early Identification, Prevention and Management of Substance Use Disorder within Clinical Workflow and Across State Lines.



State of Michigan to Fully Integrate Michigan Automated Prescription System (MAPS) Into Hospitals, Physician Groups and Pharmacies Across the State with Appriss Health’s PMP Gateway Solution

State also deploys Appriss Health’s NarxCare solution in clinical workflow to help identify, prevent and manage substance use disorder.



Appriss Health Announces Interface in MEDENT® Electronic Health Record to Provide Real-Time Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Information within Clinical Workflow

Partnership with Leading Physician Practice EHR Vendor to Address Substance Use Disorder via PMP Gateway.



Arizona Board of Pharmacy Implements Appriss Health Solutions

Appriss Health recently signed an agreement with the Arizona Board of Pharmacy to enable integration of controlled substance prescription information into electronic health records (EHRs) and pharmacy management systems statewide.



Appriss Health Partners with The Commonwealth of Virginia and Bayview Physicians Group to Integrate NarxCare into Electronic Health Records

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Information, Advanced Analytics, Tools and Resources are Now Available in Physician Workflow via Appriss Health’s NarxCare Platform to Help Improve Patient Safety and Outcomes